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Trends at IDS 2016 – Multifaceted Shapes

The second trend we noticed at IDS 2016 – Multifaceted Shapes.  Pyramids, Octagons, & triangles were evident in everything ranging from chairs to vases.  We think this trend leads to lots of very creative and unusual designs.  

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Trends at IDS 2016 – Hanging Lights

We visited Toronto a few weeks ago for Interior Design Show (IDS) 2016 – the Design show of all Design shows! The show is a great opportunity for industry professionals, as well as the public, to see what is exciting, and innovative in the world of design.  The show also provides a peek of upcoming trends.  Over the next few weeks we will be featuring some items that inspired us and that we are sure we will be seeing more of. The first: Plays on the Traditional Hanging Light. We saw many creative lights, interesting groupings, and materials.  A few of our favs...

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